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Gallery Salshus
Bagsø View from Hanstholm Reservation over Nors Lake, backlighted. View over Nors Lake from Hanstholm Reservation.
View from Hanstholm Reservation towards Klitmøller. View over Hanstholm Reservation towards the North Sea. Nors Sø
But why so far off? This question has often been asked ever since the opening of the gallery in 1974.

Coincidence, of course, played a big part, but one can hardly wish for a greater source of inspiration to artistic experience than the vast and unspoilt landscape of Thy.

Gallery Salshus borders on Nors Lake, Tved Dune Plantation and Hanstholm Reservation, the latter of which is part of Denmark's biggest area scheduled as an open space.

For a visitor the reservation may seem waste and bleak but on closer acquaintance one is greatly impressed by the harmony of delicate colours; pale golden, green, and windswept, brown nuances. And on the horizon the ever-changing variety of the North Sea. So this is why I decided to settle here.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Yours sincerely,
Barbara Larsen